You Too Could Be Making $2,203.20 A Week Uploading Simple Videos Online Using This Proven System
Keder Cormier here, testing out my new camera to make more videos using my simple Youtube system.
Dear Friend,

Have you been struggling to make money online? What about finding just 1 method that works for you, every single time? How would you like something that takes only 90 minutes a day to do and pays you over and over again months and years down the road? 

Well, I’m writing to you today because I have a secret that will change the way you look at making money online forever. Once you uncover my secret within this page you’ll realize that your approach at making money online has be completely wrong all together. Please continue reading so I can explain.
Right now, I make just over $10,000 a month on complete autopilot making simple little videos and uploading them to sites like Youtube.
From these videos, it has created 3 different types of income streams for me that pay me every single day, day in and day out. Even yesterday I earned just over $683 with my videos I made months ago and haven’t touched since.

What’s even better is that my paydays are every single day. No more waiting around week-to-week waiting to get paid from a company, waiting on my commissions to clear or listening to a stinking boss.

In fact, most of the time I get paid two or three times a day from my video system and it’s more rewarding than hitting the lottery.

Best of all, with my system, your income can only grow, never shrink. That means every day, your income grows little by little only working 90 minutes a day.

And this can happen for you too, when you follow the system I created to help me live my dream lifestyle every single day with my beautiful family.
But it wasn’t always this way…
My name is Keder Cormier. A few years ago, I was stressed out, panicking trying to figure out how I was going to make a living and to provide for me and my wife. My jobs, well they just we’re cutting it, and my wife lost her job a few weeks after we got married. 

To say the least, our start for a great life wasn’t starting off so great.

The bills were piling up, and every day the weight of responsibility was leaning on me to make something happen. My wife needed a computer to put in applications for new jobs, so we went to the pawnshop to buy one we could afford.

One day my wife was browsing for new jobs on craigslist and came across a make money from home ad. Long story short, we joined and started our own online business with hopes and dreams of immediate fortunes like the ad said.
Yet, it didn’t happen that way, in fact it didn’t happen at all.

We struggled to build our business, to get people to join and to turn our risky investment into any sort of profit.

How My Life Suddenly Changed
My life suddenly changed the day I figured out how to grow my business each and every day. Unlike most people, I didn’t have a ton of money to put into marketing my business online, so I had to find alternative methods to make that happen.

I stumbled on social media sites, classified ad sites & even dating sites, looking for ways to promote my business.

And then something happened that changed the way I looked at everything.
One day I got a call from guy who was interested in my business, he had a few questions before getting started.

After talking to him for a while, I asked him how he found my business and my information and he said he watched a video of mine that I made a while back.
I knew instantly which video he was talking about because at the time, I had only made a few videos and that video he watched, I had made over a year ago!
That’s when I really started looking into videos and how effective they can be.
I started making more and more videos for my Youtube channel and trying out different methods to get more exposure for my videos.

At the time all of my videos were only getting a few hundred views each, if that.
I started getting discouraged and was wondering if all of this was worth it.
That’s when I made what was going to be one of my last videos for Youtube and I had to focus on something else something that worked.

I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

I uploaded the video, threw in some tags I found and clicked “UPLOAD”

A few days later, I checked my commissions for the day and I made over $250!
I started digging around and trying to figure out where all the money was coming from and that’s when it hit me, my last video I uploaded, it went viral!
Money started pouring in, day in and day out all from that one video.
That’s when I started to look into what I did differently with my last video versus all my other videos.

I asked myself…
“What Did I Do Differently To Make My Video Earn So Much Money?”
I started digging into my video stats, looking for any clue for how I could do it again.

Wondering how I could make money with my Youtube videos every single day.
That’s when I seen it, the diamond in the ruff, the ultimate clue.

I was getting all my views from showing up as a “RELATED VIDEO” on the top videos for that topic.

I was literally funneling traffic from other people’s really popular videos to my own!
I didn't even have to rank my videos for them to make money! 

Weeks later after testing and trying I discovered exactly how to do it again.
In fact, 3 of my videos were all getting hundreds of views a day making me tons of commissions in the process.

And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do.

Over the past few months I’ve analyzed ALL my top videos and studied the data that makes them go viral and make money and I’ve laid it all out on the table so I can figure out what is working and what isn’t working for me. 
Here’s 3 Big Discoveries I Found When Studying All Of The Videos That Have Made Me Money. 
Discovery #1
There Are 3 Big Niches that are the easiest to make money in. 

After studying my profitable videos, I’ve seen a trend in the topics that make me the most money. Every time I make videos relating to these big 3 niches, my videos make money, and so do my students when they do the same. One of those niches being the “MAKE MONEY” niche, which some of my most profitable videos are related to.

Discovery #2
There are 3 Different Ways To Make Money With Your Videos. 

I discovered that there are 3 different ways to make money with your videos and each time you make a video, it can pay off 3 different ways. One of the easiest ways to make money is through Youtube’s own platform, adsense. Right now it’s making me about an extra $150 a day doing nothing! 

Discovery #3
You Need A Funnel For Everything You Promote. If you choose to promote products in your videos you need a funnel for each of them.

 Luckily now-a-days it’s easy to build a funnel of your own without any website design knowledge. I noticed once I started building my own 3 page funnels that take me about 10 minutes to do, my income from my videos tripled! 
My 3 Step Funnel
Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, trust me it’s not.
I’m honestly a technophobe and hate technology of any kind. I don’t know how to build my own websites and I shoot most of my videos on my cell phone.

In fact, 95% of my system can be done all from your cell phone. That means you can apply a majority of my system when you’re not even around a computer!
Here’s some of the results I’ve gotten from my methods
$650.75 IN ONE DAY!
Over $4,733.46 IN ONE WEEK
Over $10,000 Adsense Revenue
Because of these results, I was frequently asked about what I was doing with video marketing and how I was doing it. That’s why I decided to do a closed door training to a few people at a high end, $2000 a person mastermind.

What I taught blew them away. But best of all, everyone I taught it to that day started going out and applying what I shared. Since then I've been bugged almost everyday about reteaching what I taught them in that mastermind.

In fact, one of my students went and earned $306.44 with their first month of applying the methods I shared with them.
That's Why I've Created... 
Uncover The Exact Video Marketing System That Helps Me Earn Over $10,000 A Month, Every Single Month
Little did I know that 7 months ago when I decided to focus on Youtube full time that my income would grow so rapidly and I’m going to walk you through everything I’ve learned in these past 7 months focusing on Youtube full time to make me a six figure income

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn inside of My YT Profit Maximizer Training:
  •  5 different places to record your videos that keeps your viewers watching until the end
  •  The proper way to record every video for perfect quality
  •  An easy way to syndicate your videos to get more exposure with each piece of content you make, basically doubling your viewership with 5 minutes of work.
  •  4 techniques to become an instant pro on video virtually overnight
  •  4 different easy-to-use editing software's that you can use to make every video look professional, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.
  •  7 things you MUST know how to add into every video to ensure you make the most money with each video you create
  •  The 3 big niches that you are guaranteed to make the most money in
  •  3 different ways to make money from your videos and how to setup all 3 to make the most money possible.
  •  How to find other people that will pay you to make videos for them
  • . How to setup my simple 3 step funnel for your videos to ensure that you can maximize your revenue with the minimum amount of views
  •  How to stick your videos to the most popular videos and siphon their viewers to your own videos without the headaches of trying to rank your videos.
  •  What tagging is and how to use it the proper way to make your videos make the most money in the long run
  •  Plus much more
Honestly, there’s a lot in YT Profit Maximizer, it’s my entire Youtube system, the same one I’m using right now to make my living online laid out in an easy to follow system.

After spending months studying the hundreds of videos I’ve made, I’ve found the pattern of success I’ve needed to really call this a formula.
It’s something I personally feel that anyone, even a complete newbie that has never made a dime online before, can make money with my system. 
In fact, I tested it to see how well students did with the information.
$1,230.41 made, and growing
As you can see, this system isn’t just working for me, but for others have well.

The students above, well they were at a high end mastermind and paid thousands to get there to learn the same information I’m about to teach you in my YT Profit Maximizer course.

In fact, if you were to hire me for a one on one consultation I’d charge you around $2,500 for the day.

Yet, although the strategies inside YT Profit Maximizer has made me well over $100,000 so far, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere close to that to get access to my system that has taken me months to develop for myself.

Today, you’re only going to have to pay just $997

That’s right, just $997 for the same information, my strategy, my blueprint that is making me tons of money around the clock while only working just 90 minutes a day.

Click the big button below to get started now.

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But wait, don’t forget about my
No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
For the next 30 days, go through and try out my YT Profit Maximizer strategies for your self, put them to work and start making money with them and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with anything inside, just message support at for a
 no questions asked refund.

That’s right, there’s no risk here, try it out, use the methods, even make money with them and if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve learned then simply just message support within your first 30 days and you’ll get all your money back. That’s how I like to do business.

Students Testimonials 
Here's a few of our students testimonials, click the videos to play each one, with many many more inside of our Facebook group.
If you’re still sitting on the fence, remember this. I’m sharing with you the exact methods that are making me money online right now. 

When you see me a few months from now and my income from Youtube has grown from $10,000 a month to $20,000 and you see other students of mine making thousands upon thousands as well, you’ll wish you’ve started using my YT Profit Maximizer system for yourself, not tomorrow, not next month… but today!

Follow my proven system, use it, with no-risk to you and see how much money you can start making in the next few weeks alongside of me!

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     Full Price will be 997 so get it while it's haven't reach it yet
Keder Cormier  
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