You too can build 
a Business for the Long Term 
that keeps making you money 
from what you have interest or Passion 
in the next 60 days...

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Imagine waking up today and doing the exact same things that you are passionate about, but instead of just doing them for fun they’re making you 7 figures plus. 
Well that’s me (Keder Cormier) and my wife (Sherly Cormier) story; 
 We wake up in different parts of the world to check in our passion and realized it has made us $5,000+ last night and the night before. 

Sherly and I on vacation in St Thomas while our business still make us money
Dear friend,
Have you been struggling to build a long term sustainable business? How about finding something you enjoy that creates more revenue for you every single time you do it? How would you like something you probably already invested in with your time, attention and energy to pay you over and over again months after months and years after years to come? 
This is something you probably already doing but you just don’t know that it could make you so much money, but if you had a blueprint i promise you it would be a totally different story. 

Question is : “What if you could find that Blueprint?” 
Well, you are in luck today for coming to this page here, for a limited time i’m sharing the blueprint to turn your passion into a full business that makes you money forever. Once you discover our strategies to create revenue from your passions or interests you’ll realize that many approaches at building a business has been completely wrong all together.  

Please continue reading so i can explain. 
Right now we make over $20,000 a month on automation from one single source of income using our Facebook group which we intend to teach you exactly how to duplicate the process. We also created 7 different streams of income which bring in well over 7 figures a year using our method. 

What’s even better is that our paydays are every single day because we control the whole process. No need to wait around for week-to-week to get paid from a company or waiting for commission to clear or waiting on your hated boss to write you a paycheck. 
In fact most of the time we get paid two to five times per day from our business. This is better than hitting the lottery, although we never won the lotto but trust us on this one, it's daily jackpot. 
The best part of all this is the fact with our system your income can only grow as we show you the foundation to build a long term business that keep stacking more income from more avenues daily. 
This can happen for you too, when you follow the blueprint that we will share with you, so we can help you live your dream lifestyle with your family also. 
But it wasn’t always this way…  
You have skillsets, hobbies, passions, or interests you've develop through the years now it's time to monetize them... 

What you guys teach simply works

I was able to take Keder and Sherly's Blueprint and build my Facebook to 5,000 clientele base in less than 7 days which brought in more customers for us. Now i'm going through the coaching to growing my Instagram and I LOVE IT, It's taking my cake business to a whole next level. Next stop YouTube... 

~ Janet Jacques, Baker Founder of ~

Keder's Ideas for monetization WOW!!!

I was always passionate about my dog but i didn't know that i could use that to create 5 more streams of revenue. I took Keder's training which is top notch, and now our new group already have 36,000 members and counting. Creating us over $10,000+ in clickbank affiliate sales... thank you K.C 

~ Jim Kozubal,  ~ Founder of All The Dogs Brand 
stressed out about our business back in 2013
My name is Keder Cormier and I’m here with my wife Sherly Cormier. A few years ago we were stressed out, panicking about how we were going to provide for our family after my wife lost her job 2 months in the marriage. My jobs was just not enough to make ends meet. 
To say the least, our start to a great life was a freakin rocky mountain. 
The bills were piling up, and every day the weight of responsibility was becoming too heavy to carry. My wife needed a computer to put in job applications, we had to go to the pawnshop to rent one and pay weekly for it because we couldn’t afford one. 
One day Sherly was browsing on Craigslist looking for a new job but she stumble upon an ad that said work from anywhere you want. That was kind of intriguing. Long story short, we joined and started our own online business with hopes and dreams of immediate fortunes like many people would think. Yet, it did not happen that way, in fact it did not happen at all. 
We struggle to build our businesses but we kept at it and throughout the years we would find things that worked here and there but nothing really major. In the meanwhile it helps us learn a few skills that we’re going to teach you, without doing them the hard way. 

How Our Lives Suddenly Changed...
Because of the internet we were able to retire from our jobs and build online businesses that took care of our family. 
But throughout the years of building different businesses what we found out was many times people would just build a business just to hit some type of monetary goal but there was not much passion there because it didn’t come natural in many ways it was always new information we had to learn or new processes to adapt to; never something we were doing for the rest of our lives. 
Other times it would be a business that we do not control fully, although we were independent, the owners of these businesses would many times shut them down if they run into some difficulties or if they lost passion or many other reasons. 
Until one day Sherly stumble upon something she was really passionate about, matter of fact she really enjoys then we decided to turn that passion into a brand and business for the Long Term. 

Using Keder's Instagram training 10X my income 

I took the training literally after 2 weeks of taking action i was able to create a brand new Instagram Page in my NICHE call top_luxuryhomes which now has 15,000 followers and growing. We use the model of Local advertising that Keder teaches in the course under the Monetization section to make over $30,000 in recurring revenue. This stuff is 

Anne. G _ Certified Realtor & Creator of Top Luxury Homes Brand 

Life changing for me...

What shock me was how fast i got results from what Keder and Sherly teach. At first i wasn't sure so i went through his Free Videos on Youtube and implement some of what he mention in the Long Term Business Course I was blown away by the results. 4,586 people like my fan page on the first night implementing his strategy. $10,000 recurring income from membership site method...

Julie Jewels Camilus _ Founder of My Natural Hair is Me  

My Passion Pays me NOW...

$60,000 this month from our site... We listen to Keder and Sherly's advice on creating our own store using the shopify platform. At first we didn't think our following would buy from us since they could find all that stuff on amazon, but after Keder explain that i must give them an opportunity to buy from me we run with it and we so glad we did, the results are amazing... 

Kimberlie P _ Founder of Kimdesigns Brand   
So How did it happen? …  

Our first twin daughters were turning ONE. This is our first time we get to celebrate new God given lives to us. So we decided to have our twin daughters Arielle and Brielle first birthday party in a special place...
To work out the details, Sherly went and rent a venue where we can get the party done but the place did not come with any inside decor. When she got home she ask me what should we do with the place i told her “let’s hire an event planner decorator who can just come and fix the place up” She told me “Let me decorate the place myself as a birthday gift to the girls” It was no problem and I agreed for her to do it. 
In the next coming weeks she was staying up late at night watching YouTube videos, checking out Pinterest and Instagram for decor ideas. 

So on the day of the party she went in early and decorate the place. When everyone walked in they were all shocked at the decor because everything was DIY by her. Many people ask who did we hire to do this decor, at first she was afraid to say “i did it myself” because she didn’t know what to expect; until people started saying this how amazing the room was with all the details. 
After the girls birthday, Sherly found a new passion for decor, she was always decorating the house and enjoy creativity but never pursued it as a lifestyle for 2 years. 
Until one day, after we had our second daughter Elena who was turning 1 year old on her special day. Once again as mommy’s gift Sherly wanted to decorate the venue for her birthday party. 
 Everyone was once again amazed by the presentation. But a bystander walked by a saw the place she asked who did this presentation. We told her it was done by us, so she said “My daughter is getting married in 3 months and would like for you guys for decorate her wedding” Sherly looked at me “Should I take this gig? I mean this is not really what we do it’s just a passion lol” and knowing me i said “HELL YESS” go for it. 
That was her first paid gig. So after sitting down with the future bride, going over what she wanted at the wedding, gave her a budget that she agreed on; we started buying stuff on amazon for the project, until 2 months before the wedding she called us and say “Hey I’m sorry guys i have a cousin of mine that does decor and she’s going to do my wedding instead you guys can keep the stuff you already bought… sorry” Huhh? 

Sherly was left all confused and devastated… 
But out of this sad situation, something crazy is about to take place.   
When she told me that. I remember Sherly watched many YouTube videos from people who were passionate about their craft in order to learn how to put together the girls party so i told her why not just make a video with the items you already bought for this wedding from amazon and put it on YouTube to help others, even if it did not work out for you with your client but maybe you can help someone else with your decor ideas you had. 
She listened… and created her first DIY video which ended up getting 10,000 views so fast, faster than anything she ever uploaded before. 
Then the following week she released a new video … BOOM “100,000 Views” whatttttttt
Let’s see what’s going on there  …  
We took the next 3 months to help her build a full business and brand now that’s creating 7 figures plus from her passion

Now My Question for you?   
"Do you have any passion or interest?" 
If Yes,
let me show you how you can turn them into businesses that make you so much income in the next 3 months to come and years after. 
In the last 3 months, because we build Sherly's brand in the decor, event, wedding, diy niche she started getting so many clients from social media that she really had to say NO to so many gigs it became too much to handle. (good problem to have if you looking for clients right? ) 

Some of her friends in the same line of business are asking what kind of magic wand you guys have. We would do an event for 60 people but leverage the internet to get 100,000 people to see it and make more money from our online business than our offline could ever pay us.

Have you been thinking about launching your own business into something that you’re passionate about or have an interest in?   
Well We’ve been there and we can tell you there’s only 2 things once we learned them everything changed. Would you like to know what they are?
#1 You DON'T need to know everything about a niche in order to start building a very PROFITABLE Business
We will give you the blueprint to follow. Just plug in like our other students to create more results than you imagine possible. 
#2 MONETIZATION is the easiest part once you set up the foundations (traffic & communities) 
We will give you the blueprint to generate traffic, leads, and build a community that keeps buying from you for the long term. I’m not interested in just getting paid once. Customer lifetime value is a better number than a sale. 

Do you have an iPhone? 
If yes!!! You more likely had the one before it and the one before it, you keep buying because they have a brand. 
I use these formula to launch a brand that does $40,000 per month then another one that going towards $100,000 per month using simple FACEBOOK GROUPS.
Here’s What happened once YOU build a Long Term Business 
  • INSTANT INFLUENCER STATUS: You will become an expert in your niche that people listen to even if you have way less years of experience than them. 
  • ​EXPANDED RIGHT AUDIENCE: You will see social media in a whole different light now, it’s no longer about how many likes or comments for a popularity contest but you’ll now attract people who really want your products, services and business. 
  • ​DREAM CLIENTS: You will now attract clients who understand your worth and not playing around with paying you top dollar for your expertise and what you bring to the table.
  • ​CONSISTENT INCOME: You will now have multiple flows of income from your brand which will only grow throughout time as you keep adding more streams to that one Umbrella which your brand. 
  • GET PAID FOR WHAT YOU LOVE: This is the best part of all this. Someone said do what you love and you will never work a day in your LIFE, this really will bring this concept to life, as you start making money straight from the things you are passionate about. 
Don’t worry if this sound complicated, trust me, it's not.…  
I’m honestly not the most technical person, and don’t have time for too much technology of any kind. We have 3 kids under 5 that we have to care for so we want to do this in as little time as possible and still be profitable. 

In fact in my system here i find you some tools that will put 95% of everything on automation for you so you can do other things you want to do.
A 90-days program to help you build a profitable long term business without all the crazy hustles and technical stuff the gurus love to preach.  
  • Step 1: Select Your Niche, something you have interest or passion in
  • Step 2: Build a community 
  • Step 3: Position yourself as the expert 
  • Step 4: Get paid everyday from your enthusiastic audience
Step by Step Guide to create & launch your own lucrative brand in the next 90 days 
Inside of the #LongTermBusiness you will find all the step by step guide and resources you need to succeed without skipping any steps. 

Do the work and you get results or don’t do the work bring excuses… WARNING!!! We are allergic to excuses. 

We’re here to support you and see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  

Live 24/7 Support in our private community of brand owners around the world  
Find students who are active building their brands 
Connect with like minded individuals for tips on what's working for them 
Seeing example of what’s working in other niches 

Group Coaching Calls monthly. Get Your questions answered Live 
If you are getting stuck in the process. Don’t worry you can join our live coaching call that we’ll do every month for our students to see where you are in the process. 
Also receive direct feedback from me and my team on exactly the steps you can take to fix issues as they arise or pointing you in the right direction if you ever leave the right track. 

Are you Ready To Build Your Own Long Term Business, Your Own Brand? 

  • Select Your Niche : (Passion, Interest or Profit) 
  • Market Research: Dive in Your Current Crowd 
  • Growth: How to Get Your First 1000 Fans 
  • ​+ more...
  • Engagement : How to Stay Engage Daily with your audience 
  • Viral Contents 
  • Strategy: amplify your growth 
  • ​+ more...  
MODULE 3: Scaling & Diversify  
  • Get More exposure for your brand 
  • Building All media platforms from one post 
  • List Building 
  • ​+ more...
  • Leverage social media : (Facebook, Youtube, IG, Pinterest ect...) 
  • Leverage Your List: Build then Leverage your list
  • Leverage Community: Leverage Your Facebook groups 
  • + more... 
  • Monetizing with amazon (the blueprint to learn your buyers) 
  • Monetizing with Adsense  (this will be done 3 different ways) 
  • Monetizing with membership sites : Your Residual Cashcowl  
  • ​+ more...
  • Instagram Formula ... The Blueprint to build IG page to 100K+ followers 
  • Yt Profit Maximizer : My Youtube Course (currently selling for $997)
  • Shortcuts: Cheat Sheets 
  • ​Live 1 HOUR private CALL with Me (Only eligible if paid in FULL)
You will receive access to the instagram blueprint
we use to build pages to 100,000+ followers fast 
then monetize them to $30K-$50 a month
using advertising for local business method...

I will also share with you the resources to automate the process then delegate it so you can save your time instead of doing mundane repetitive task you can work on your Big Vision for your Brand... 
(currently sold at $997) 
This is my Youtube Blueprint 
That breaks down in details how to be profitable 
with YouTube.

You will learn the foundation to build and grow a Youtube Channel, You will learn how to get adsense to pay you thousands of dollars monthly in revenue. 

And best you will learn exactly how to make BIG income 
with a small channel doing affiliate sales 
and other avenues of revenues...