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 Keder Cormier's COACHING
This is your Payment For Keder's Coaching
Follow the Instruction on this Temporary Page... 
OPTION 1: send payment Online
  • Go to and create an account FREE
  • Send The Amount Label For the Coaching Package 
  • Send me a Message On Facebook click here 
  • Title The Message: Just Paid For Your Coaching 
  • give me up to 48 hours to clear everything 
  • Take action and Let's ROCK 
 MAIL IN Payment with Money Order
  • Go to Amscot, or Walmart or Publix get a money order 
  • Sign the Money Order and Send it to Our Business Address 
  • Address: Jean Keder Cormier, Freedom Reachers LLC
                    PO BOX 1135962
                    Clermont, FL, 34713
  • Make sure to take a screenshot of money order or confirmation # And Send it to me on Facebook... Thank you
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